The one with the crack candy…

If you have saltines lying around, make these saltine toffee crack candy. It’s so addicting. It’s salty..sweet..crunchy..buttery goodness.  I can eat the whole batch while doing this post.


Mix together 2 sticks of butter and 1 cup of packed light brown sugar and cook over medium flame. Boil between 5-7 minutes until it’s combined and looks like this.


Make sure you stir throughout the process to combine into a creamy mixture.

Once it’s completely combined, pour over saltines spread out over a sheet pan.  I used a half sheet pan here. If you use something bigger, you may have to double the recipe.



Place into a pre-heated 350 Degree oven for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, spread chocolate chips over and place back in oven for 2-3 minutes, until the chocolate chips soften. I used a mixture of dark chocolate and semi-sweet. I wouldn’t use milk chocolate though.  have a huge sweet tooth, but combined with the brown sugar, it’s too sweet for me.


Remove from the oven and immediately spread the chocolate all over until everything is covered in chocolate. You can also add toppings like pecans, walnuts or toasted coconut, which is what I used.

IMG_1126.JPGPlace in the fridge to cool and harden for 10 minutes. If you’re impatient like me, you can place into the freezer to make it harden faster. Once it’s all cold and solid, break into pieces and here you go…


I think they would make perfect little gifts 🙂



2 sticks of butter

1 cup of packed brown sugar

1 1/2 sleeves of saltines (enough to fill 1/2 sheet pan)

chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate and semi-sweet)

toasted coconut


The one with the poke rice bowl…

I love poke rice bowls. It’s fresh and healthy. I first tasted a poke rice bowl from a food truck in Lincoln Park here in Jersey City during a Jazz night at the fountain. So, I tried to re-create it. It’s really easy to do. All you need are the right ingredients and high quality sushi grade fish. I like tuna.


I get sushi grade tuna from Mitsuwa in Edgewater. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s sooo worth it. I cut the tuna into little bite-size pieces, but make sure you have a good sharp knife so you clean cuts and not tear into the fish.


I marinate the fish for 30 min to 1 hour in soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, green onions and togarashi. I don’t marinate too long since I don’t want to lose the flavor of the fish.


This stuff is awesome.  It has roasted red pepper, orange peel, black and yellow sesame seed, japanese pepper, seaweed and ginger.


I mix all the ingredients together and put in the fridge so it’s nice and cold.

img_0191My rice bowl ingredients include pickled ginger, store bought seaweed salad, lightly pickled cucumber (I want the cucumber crunchy), cherry tomatoes, radishes, more green onions and a spicy mayo (sriracha and mayo).

I put all the ingredients on top of brown rice, top with toasted sesame seeds, coarse ground pink Himalayan sea salt and voila…..


I could eat this all day…..every day.

The one where it all started…..


My mom and dad would always force us to help them with whatever they were cooking. We were either cutting onions, chopping sausage or rolling up egg rolls. I didn’t really like cooking at that point. I guess because we were being forced.

I think I started really cooking and enjoying it at the age of 15 or 16. My mom always had these recipe cards that she would get in the mail and I don’t think she ever used them. I started reading them and wanted to cook dinner for them one day. I think they enjoyed it since she  let me keep cooking after that  LOL  After that day, I probably cooked 2-3 dinners out of the week. Then, I started baking cookies from a Pillsbury cookbook and everyone loved it. After that, I just kept on cooking and I love doing it.

I think what love about it most is that it brings everyone together. My mom, dad and lola always taught us about staying together and traditions. Growing up, they were the ones who were always cooking. It didn’t matter if we didn’t any have any occasion to celebrate, but it just meant that everyone would come over and we’d always have a great time. It’s something that I want to continue. My family is everything to me. With my mom and dad not around, I feel like I need to continue with their traditions and also create new ones.

So, I’m finally starting this since I’m always posting something food related on Facebook and Instagram and people seem to like it.   Plus, my husband has been harrassing (lol, okay…not harrassing) me to start a website or blog or vlog (not sure about that).

My crazy family who I love and love cooking for.

My family and friends were also encouraging me to start something foodie since they know this is my passion. So…. to everyone who’s ever pushed me to do this… this is for you guys!! Thank you to my mom and dad  for instilling the cooking bug in me.

Hope you guys enjoy!